Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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Hong Kong Stock Exchange is suspended all day trading. Worried about the impact of the storm


The Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced the suspension of all-day trading today. After the Hong Kong Meteorological Agency raised its "Nangka" storm warning level to level 8 and is likely ทางเข้าslotxo to send the storm alarm at that level throughout the day.
In the beginning Hong Kong Stock Exchange Announces Suspension of Morning Trading But because the alarm signal of the storm is still high. Thus making the market decide to suspend trading throughout the day

The website of the Hong Kong Meteorological Agency said at 8:00 am local time today. The Nanga Storm is centered about 450 kilometers from the south-southwest of Hong Kong and is expected to move into the northwest coast with wind speeds of approximately 22 kph. And headed for Hainan island with a sequential increase in wind speed